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The need for a digitized visitor management system is to enhance the security of your space, collect visitor contacts and automate necessary responses to the visitor.

Your space scenario could a workspace, a co-working space, a school, a multi-tenant residential housing/ an estate, or a showroom.

Creating an environment where your stakeholders (employees or occupants or tenants or students) feel safe is of the utmost importance. A feeling of safety and security is key to certain levels of productivity and success. Your people will feel more secure knowing that any strangers or guests on-site have been processed through a Visitor Management system and screened accordingly. is a cloud-based visitor management application that caters to small, midsize, and large enterprises across all industries, schools, events, estates and more. It enables users to manage visitor information, administration processes.

The key features include:

  • visitor registration,
  • digital guest book,
  • electronic document signing,
  • visual identification,
  • user notifications,
  • Collect and store valuable visitor information (name, the purpose of visit, name of the host, contact information as necessary, time of check-in and check out).
  • Automatically notify the host employee via a multitude of methods – email, phone, text, – according to the preferences of the employee
  • Automatically print badges after check-in,
  • Contact management
  • Insightful reports into your visitor flow.

The platform is customizable, allowing users to create unique sign-in processes tailored to the visitor and business requirements.

Visitor Management software for the office workplace

visitor management system for offices

Visitor Management systems are extremely useful in professional settings as well. Many large corporate offices entertain dozens of visitors on a daily basis, making it difficult to keep track of all individual guests.

  • You can customize Carrotsuite space to ask guests what type of drink they want to have; Coffee with sugar, Coffee without sugar, Juice, Water, etc.
    This will make your guests feel very welcome to your premises
  • Your customers and partners will be automatically recognized
  • Checking in is faster for repeat visitors.
  • Any staff can enable appointment only mode so only pre-registered visitors can check-in to see such personnel.
  • Enable staff personal assistants to respond on behalf of their principals.

Visitor Management System for schools

visitor management system for schools

In a school setting, there is nothing more important than creating a safe learning environment for children. Unfortunately, today’s world contains too many instances of school violence. Visitor Management systems are a key tool in preventing school violence. Along with being a visible representation of security, processing guests at the entrance of a school helps ensure that they are expected before they gain access to the building.

  • Register parents and their wards so you can prevent any other person from coming to pick up any ward.
  • For every child pick up and drop off, the parent or guardian will be notified immediately with the picture of the person doing the drop-off or pick up.
  • Enable the application to request instant real-time permission from the guardian when an unknown person comes to pick up the ward.
  • Get a daily shortlist of all students who are not in school each day, and automatically notify their parents.

Visitor Management System for co-working spaces

visitor management system for co-working spaces

A whole lot of visitors frequent co-working spaces asking for staff who work in various companies whose offices are there. Managing these guests, knowing which companies have a higher percentage of guests will be confusing & difficult without a digital visitor management system. As a co-working space, you need to know which companies or members are receiving more visitors because this tells who is actually maximizing their space. Those ones are more likely to renew their subscription and even stay longer with you since a whole lot of people have identified with them in that location. can help you avoid a scenario whereby:
A visitor would come up to the receptionist and say “HI! I’m here to see Y? Do you know where I can find him/her?”. And visitors usually get answers like “I’m sorry, I can’t help you. I don’t know who that is”. The visitor then would walk away from the receptionist to call their host (who may sometimes not pick up the phone) and ask to meet at door. They would then have to wait a couple of minutes with an awkward look on their face to get “picked up”.

On, a co-working space can:

  • Register different companies or members
  • See reports of the daily number of visitors received by each company
  • each company or member can pre-register their guests
  • each company or members can see their visitation history
  • each company or member can get a daily report of all missed appointments. A list of visitors who came in to visit them and were not attended to.
  • each company or member can set up “Appointment Only” mode which means the security personnel is to turn back any visitor to that company who was not pre-registered.
  • Your visitors can register the plate number of the car they came with or register any laptops with them if you request for this
  • you can get a comprehensive dashboard report of all visitations – by company, by visitor type (first time or repeat), scheduled or walk-in

Visitor Management System for Residential Estates & Multi-tenant buildings

visitor management system for residential estates.jpg

Residential estates are estates where several stakeholders have built their homes. They are almost always gated environments or spaces. In many cases allowing visitors to freely go in and out without any form of registration is not a good idea, therefore many of them already have a method of registration for guests.
Digitizing your visitor management system pays dividends in the way of maximizing security so that at any point, you can trace who came in or went out. There have been incidences of stolen items where the person who stole was known but no one could picture the guest. A digitized visitor management system changes this.

  • The picture of each visitor is captured and retrievable at any time.
  • Anyone can not just roam about into your estate because they have to register and notify their guests, who will reply before they are let in.
  • Any occupant and their family can enable “Appointment Only” mode so that no visitor can even visit without been pre-registered.
  • All occupants will have their own unique links and can pre-register their visitors or send this link to their visitor to schedule an appointment with them.

Visitor Management System for Showrooms

visitor management system for showrooms

Showrooms allow many guests to walk in and out of their vicinity without collecting their personal details for necessary follow up that could very likely turn into sales. These missed opportunities sometimes is the difference between life and death or profit or loss for that business.

Besides making your showroom look sophisticated which is good to the eyes of the beholder, Carrotsuite Space can help you collect the contact information of your showroom visitors so you can follow them up for sales.

In a showroom, when you collect emails and phone numbers, they can be followed up with a simple SMS text message, weekly emails with pictures of your products, etc.

  • Display a slideshow of your products on the home screen of the app
  • Collect visitor information easily
  • Sync collected visitor information to your email tool e.g. Mailchimp
  • Analyze your visitor flow so you can detect which days of the week or month your showroom is most busy – helps you plan for maybe a promo to increase sales during such days.

This is how Carrotsuite Space visitor management system simplifies guest check-in and host notifications:

  1. Visitor arrives
  2. The visitor enters their details on visitor management system
  3. Visitor selects their host’s name on the screen
  4. The host gets automatically notified via SMS, email, slack, etc.
  5. The host greets the visitor at the door This would have characterized a much more pleasant encounter for the visitor and made the host seem far more professional.

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