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What is visitor management software and their expected features and benefits? 

A visitor management software is a system that digitally manages visitors’ reception right from the time a visitor enters the premises till the moment the visitors checks out of the premises. It leaves the visitor with a beautiful memory of easy and secured access to their host.

An effective visitor management software is expected to have some relevant features like: 

  • Visitor friendly 
  • Easy and effective check in and check out
  • Fast host notification
  • Customizable user interface
  • Top notch security
  • Digital visitors log
  • Access control
  • Multiple use cases scenario management

In this article we have listed out top 10 visitor management softwares based on their ratings from 1 to 10 and based on how responsive they are to all the qualities of a visitor management software that can serve you locally and internationally simultaneously. 

Visitor management software in Nigeria


1. Carrotsuite Space visitor management software

Carrotsuite space visitor management software is a fast growing visitor management software in Lagos Nigeria well known for its easy to get, easy to use and one of the most affordable visitor management software solutions that serves use cases across many industries including Hospitals, offices, Events and more.

Carrotsuite space visitor management has different use cases such as Office, Event, Estate, showrooms and Hospital use case. Carrotsuite space autosaves visitors data in the cloud and it is very accessible to authorized users as they can access it on any device with internet connection regardless of their location.

The Reason so many clients prefer Carrotsuite space visitor management software to other visitor management software is the easy to check in flow, flexible & customizable check-in fields and the fast host notification. With carrotsuite space, visitor check-in is as easy as inputting a few details and your visitor is checked in.
Furthermore, you can customize your check in fields to suit a specific purpose of visit e.g. you can add custom questions for Job Interview Candidates like “What role are you interviewing for”.
A real estate company might insert a question for their prospects such as ‘’Which of our properties would you like to tour?”

Carrotsuite space provide a very wide and robust host notification that can never be missed, Once a visitor checks in, the host will be notified through 4 different channels which are:

  • In-app notification
  • Email notification
  • Sms notification
  • Host App pop up notification

Based on Carrotsuite Space client review, Carrotsuite space visitor management is

  • user-friendly, 
  • best in tracking visitor and hospital patient visitor and their location, 
  • visitor pre-registration and 
  • real-time notifications that are suitable for both small and large enterprises, 
  • best in beautifying clients reception with customized logo displaying on the tablet at the reception desk, 
  • theme that matches clients branding color, 
  • multi location and multi device management, 

capturing of visitors’ photos before they complete check in.


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2. Envoy

Envoy is a robust visitor management system known for its touchless sign-in options, instant notifications, and detailed visitor logs. It’s widely used by large enterprises and integrates well with various communication tools like Slack​ 

Envoy sees a future in which everything you do in your physical workspace is effortlessly unified so that you can focus on what truly matters: your people and your work.

Envoy helps you deliver unrivaled modern experiences for both employees and visitors to get the best from working together. Connect with the right individuals and teams, effortlessly access essential workplace resources, and navigate the intricacies of your various work environments.

Visitor management software in nigeria






3. iLobby

iLobby offers features such as pre-registration, badge management, and ID scanning, making it a preferred choice for high-security environments. It also supports multi-location management and detailed reporting​

The first version of the iLobby solution was created not as publicly available software to solve visitor queue challenges industry-wide, but as an internal project to solve these challenges at a single company. iLobby recognized the broad applicability and strength of the software, and worked to create a spinoff stand-alone SaaS company known as iLobby. And in doing so iLobby became a pioneer in the rapidly growing facility and visitor management market.

Visitor management software in Nigeria







4. Proxyclick

Proxyclick is user-friendly and supports features like visitor pre-screening, remote registration, and employee notifications. It’s ideal for businesses looking for a comprehensive visitor management solution​ 

Proxyclick has been around for a while, and they’re fairly well-known for their visitor management software. They make a clean, user-friendly product that can handle a variety of tasks, like visitor pre-screening, kiosk check-in, remote registration, and sending notifications to employees. It’s an all-encompassing visitor management software, and they’ve been expanding their integration capabilities, making it even easier to work with.

Proxyclick’s most basic plan is the Prime plan, for $100/month. It includes many of the key features a business needs when it comes to visitor management, and additional features can be added to create a custom-built solution. The company also offers more hands-on introduction plans, starting at $1,700, which provide virtual consultations and step-by-step guidance to get you started, plus priority support for the first few months of use. Like other software providers, Proxyclick can build custom enterprise solutions as well.

Visitor management software in Nigeria






5. SwipedOn

SwipedOn provides a flexible visitor management system that includes custom branding, visitor pre-registration, and real-time notifications. It’s suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises​

SwipedOn is an easy and loved flexible workplace management system for Apple and Android. Manage your visitors, employees, resources and more. 

Customize the logo, colors and background to match your branding. Sync multiple devices, intuitive web dashboard, visitor and employee check-in, photo capture, badge printing, non-disclosure and other agreements signing, SMS and email notifications, evacuation reporting, visitor categories and global administrator privileges.

SwipedOn allows users to pre-register visitors, induct visitors, notify employees of visitor arrivals and print custom visitor ID badges with integrated printer hardware. SwipedOn can also be used to keep track of employee attendance and time tracking or to assist with evacuations in case of …

Visitor management software in Nigeria

6. Sine

Sine offers contactless check-in options using QR codes and provides real-time notifications to employees. It’s simple to set up and suitable for workplaces with varying visitor volumes​

Sine is another top-rated visitor management software. Customers say it’s very simple to set up, and straightforward for users on both the admin and visitor side. Sine offers contactless sign-in from mobile devices, which means no additional hardware to install and no wait time for visitors when they arrive on site. Employees can receive notifications when their visitors arrive and can accept or reject visitor requests. They offer a unique check-in service, where visitors scan a QR code outside the building or office they’re requesting to enter. This means there’s no need for a receptionist to screen visitors or manage the check-in process.

Visitor management software in Nigeria







7. Eden Workplace

Eden Workplace’s visitor management system includes features like guest registration, customizable check-in experiences, and digital document signatures. It’s known for its ease of use and comprehensive functionality​ 

Eden Workplace offers a suite of products and services for office management, including visitor management. Within the Eden Workplace system, you can easily pre-register guests and sign in your visitors, as well as screen them for any safety concerns before they enter your space. They offer similar services to other visitor management software, like the ability to send visitors forms and information before they arrive. With Eden, guests can sign themselves in upon arrival. The system will then notify your employees, cutting down on wait time for both parties.

The most basic plan for Eden’s visitor management software is free, but comes with minimal features. 

Visitor management software in Nigeria






8. Greetly

Greetly is highly customizable and supports features such as touchless check-in, visitor photo capture, and digital document signing. It’s well-suited for organizations looking for flexibility in their visitor management process

Greetly is used by some of the world’s most innovative companies, bringing a new level of automation and productivity. Once your visitors are welcomed by the friendly and intuitive interface, the right member of staff is instantly notified by phone call, text or any of the leading corporate instant messaging services.

Greetly happily handles visitors, immediately alerts team members and logs everything saving countless hours for your admin staff, and never even bothers to take a lunch break!

Visitor management software in Nigeria








9. Sign In App

This software offers a touch-free visitor check-in process, health and safety protocols, and detailed visitor tracking. It’s particularly noted for its ease of use and reliability in managing visitor data​ (SoftwareWorld)​.

Sign In Enterprise, previously known as Traction Guest, is a comprehensive visitor management system. It’s designed for businesses, enhancing security and efficiency in managing guest access. The software offers features like pre-registration, where visitors can provide details before arrival, making check-ins smoother. It also includes ID scanning for added security, ensuring only authorized individuals enter the premises. Additionally, it has customizable check-in experiences, fitting different visitor types or events. Real-time alerts and compliance management are key features, helping companies adhere to safety protocols and regulations. With its user-friendly interface, Sign In Enterprise streamlines the visitor management process, providing a modern solution to traditional reception methods.

Visitor management software in Nigeria









10. iVisitor by Veristream

iVisitor offers a cloud-based solution that includes features like visitor tracking, vendor management, and pre-registration. It’s scalable for businesses of all sizes and industries​

iVisitor offers a cloud-based visitor management software, BreezN, which allows you to track and monitor all of your visitors and vendors. They cater to businesses of all sizes, across various industries, including enterprise companies with multiple locations across the world. Core features include full visibility of your facility, increased physical security, improved workflows, and better visitor experiences.

Visitor sign-in options include scanning their pre-registered QR code, scanning their driver’s license, or manually entering their information on the iPad kiosk. The visitor then gets a printed ID badge which can contain customizable information based on the visitor type you have created. The host receives an instant notification via email or text message.


Carrotsuite space visitor management software should be the first digitized visitor system to be considered by any company or healthcare facilities needing visitor management software in Nigeria and Africa based on their available features and including the nice reviews by their clients so far.

Carrotsuite visitor management system serves clients in Nigeria, African countries and globally.

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