Visitor Management Software

Achieve a paperless + safer visitor management experience

Carrotsuite Space will digitize your reception and impress your visitors

Explore Features of Carrotsuite Space

Digitize Your Reception

No More Paper Log Books

They're untidy, fade easily, easily misplaceable. Make the switch to paperless.

Access Your Data From Anywhere

With a digital visitor management system, You can access your visitor logs from anywhere.

Auto Notification To Hosts

Hosts will be automatically notified on SMS, email & Slack when their visitors have checked in. They can instantly reply as well.

Recognize Previous Stakeholders

You can sync all partners, customers, staff, contractors data to Carrotsuite Space and they will be auto recognized once they enter their phone number during check in.

Daily List of Missed Appointments

At the end of everyday, all missed & unattended appointments will be collated and sent to the concerned hosts.

Daily & Weekly Visitors Reports

You will be able to get reports on visitation statistics of your entire organization so you can uncover trends & patterns for future planning.

Enhance Your Security


"Appointment Only" Mode

In this mode, no one can check in without having pre registered. Tighten security in face of threats. Plan for only expected visitors.

Capture Visitor Photo

No longer will visitors be able to enter your offices without capturing their pictures via Carrotsuite Space on your kiosk

Notify Security For Specific Visitors

You can mark any person or group of persons as security risk and set it to notify your security personnel as soon as they check in

Print Badges For All Visitors

Want to issue badges to visitors? With Carrotsuite Space you can connect your badge printer to automatically print visitor badges the instant they check in.

Display Security Concerns After Check In

Set custom images or text to display to the visitor after successful check in. This can be used to issue health or hazard warnings as occasion demands.

Real time Monitoring

All data is instantly synced to the cloud so you are able to monitor in real time all guest movements. You can adjust your security strategy to match real time movement of guests

Organize Your Schedule


Let Visitors Pre-register

You can send the company link or host unique link to visitors so they can schedule an appointment with any host they'd like to meet.

Daily Visitors List

You are able to view your expected visitor list for any day. This can be used for planning or for security verification.

Block Unwanted Visitors

With Carrotsuite Space, you can block specific visitors from checking in to your premises, Security will be alerted as soon as they input their phone number or email address.

Impress Your Visitors

Auto-recognize Your Customers

Space will recognize your customers as soon as they enter their phone number or email address

Auto-recognize Returning Visitors

Previously checked in visitors will be instantly recognized when they come back and they can skip filling some parts of the form making their check in faster.

Showcase Your Brand

You have an opportunity to customize the front display with your product slideshow and company logo.

A Paperless Reception or Entry Point
Will Make Your Brand Stand Out

Using a paper based visitor management system is so old school, aside from that, there are so many inefficiencies and insecurity traceable to such an old system.

Carrotsuite Space makes it possible for you to maximize your visitor data by uncovering trends and patterns you can optimize to properly manage your space, strengthen your security and showcase your brand.

Data Security

All your data; host and visitor data is encrypted and hosted in the cloud with regular scheduled auto backup to prevent any data loss.

Instant Notifications

There is instant alert and notifications for all hosts as soon as their visitor has checked in so that you don't keep any visitor waiting more than scheduled.

Self Check Out

Guests are able to check themselves out when exiting your premises. You can also set all guests to auto-check out at a specific time each day.

Unlimited Visitors

You are able to handle an unlimited number of visitors. There is no limit or restriction whatsover.

Host Portal

Your hosts or staffs are able to login on a secure portal to schedule their guest meetings or see their guest list, make comments on guest and more.

Easier Administration

Every visitor data can now be accessed remotely. Access dashboard detailed reports for better administration

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