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FAQs for Carrotsuite Space Visitor Management Software

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Carrotsuite space Visitor management software ensures the security of visitor data through access controls, secure data storage that only gives access to authorized personel. A visitor can not by any chance see the data of other visitors the way it was on paper-work.

Yes, Carrotsuite space visitor management software can be integrated with carrotsuite ERP.

Carrotsuite space check in fields can be customized to ask visitors a few questions to enable easy check in.

It also allows the use of multiple devices at the reception for check-in in case of large visitors.

Yes, Carrotsuite space can be customized to suit different industries requirement in terms of customizing specific questions to ask your visitor or adding more purpose of visit.

Carrotsuite space has a feature called INVITE ONLY MODE, once this feature is on, only invited visitor alone will be able to check in.

Carrotsuite space auto generates visitors data on the web for reference purposes and also gives visitors charts on the dashboard.

Carrotsuite space auto recognizes a returning visitor once the visitor input his or her number, so returning visitor does not need to input his or her full details every time they come into the premises.

Yes, Carrotsuite space automatically send notification to host via 4 different channels (email, sms, In-app and Host app) when a visitor checks in

With Carrotsuite space, a visitor can not see another visitor's data. With this visitors are relaxed that their data will be seen by authorized personnel alone.

Carrotsuite space can be accessed via mobile devices. So you can easily schedule invite and perform other actions on the go.

Carrotsuite space can be used to schedule invites and book appointments by automatically sending invite code to invitee so they can check in with it on arrival.

Carrotsuite space can be customized with branding of company name and logo on the tablet at the reception to beautify the reception. 

Also different messages and a docs file can be sent to different visitors based on their purpose of visit.

  • Set up different location on carrotsuite space
  • Open the mobile on the tablet 
  • Click on the 3 dot at the top left corner of the app
  • Select settings
  • Click on location drop-down and select the location that tablet will be placed

Carrotsuite ERP software manages inventory adjustments and transfers by automating the tracking and recording of stock movements, ensuring real-time updates to inventory levels and locations. it provides datailed documentation and audit trails for all adjustments and trransfer, giving accuracy and accountability.

Carrotsuite ERP software automates and digitizes procurement workflows by integrating requisition management, vendor interactions, purchase orders, purchase request, goods received note, bill processing, and real-time tracking into a seamless, paperless system.

Yes, Carrosuite Space Visitor Management Software can be configured to require specific visitor data or descriptions for entry. Carrotsuite space allows administrators to create and customized check-in forms to capture specific visitor information, these forms can be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Administrators can also designate certain fields as compulsory, ensuring that visitors provide essential information before they are allowed entry. This helps in maintaining and complying with the organization policies and security requirements.

Carrotsuite space visitor management software has a field to add as many as possible companion details when a visitor is checking in and the companion details will be included when notifying the host of the visitors presence.

Carrotsuite Space visitor management software is a cloud-based application, which means it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This  allows administrators and hosts to manage visitor registrations, monitor visitor logs, and ensure compliance with security protocols remotely.

Carrotsuite Space Visitor Management Software handles visitor pre-registration by enabling hosts to send pre-registration invitations via email. This process includes essential visit details such as date, time, location, meeting duration, etc.

Visitors are expected to check-in on arrival using received invite code, which further enhances security and convenience making the check-in process quicker and more efficient.

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