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Visitor management software in Nigeria

What is visitor management software and their expected features and benefits?  A visitor management software is a system that digitally manages visitors’ reception right from the time a visitor enters the premises till the moment the visitors checks out of the premises. It leaves the visitor with a beautiful memory of easy and secured access […]

Why Carrotsuite Space Visitor Management System Is Important For Security & Safety

The need for a digitized visitor management system is to enhance the security of your space, collect visitor contacts and automate necessary responses to the visitor. Your space scenario could a workspace, a co-working space, a school, a multi-tenant residential housing/ an estate, or a showroom. Creating an environment where your stakeholders (employees or occupants […]

11 Reasons You Should Switch From Using A Manual Visitor Management System

  The pen and paper visitor management system is a manual or traditional process of recording and tracking visitors with log book and a pen. This log book is the book a visitor fills out upon entering into an organization. It records the date, name, phone number, email, time of sign-in, time of sign-out, signature […]

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