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Workplace safety has become a primary concern in this season because of the prevailing COVID 19 pandemic.
In this time, special care and deliberate effort have to be put in to avoid making your workplace a hotspot for the COVID 19 virus.
Thorough and repetitive protocols are necessary and must be put in place to ensure adequate safety and security of all personnel and visitors

Here are ways and methods to keep your workplace safe during and after this pandemic:

Eliminate handshakes in your workplace

This very harmless tradition has increasingly become very inconvenient and risky this season, your workplace should make a rule outlawing its practice whether casually or professionally, and instead adopt other forms of greeting such as leg bumps or elbow greetings.
This will go a long way to seriously minimize the spread of diseases and germs which would have spread otherwise.

Eliminate paper-based visitor management systems

Are you still using a paper-based visitor management system? This is very risky as repeated usage of the same paper and pen by different visitors can transfer the COVID-19 virus frictionlessly from one host to the other.

Even before the genesis of the corona virus, paper based visitor management systems usually ended up very dirty and untidy due to multitude of dirts put on them from sweaty palms and wrists of many visitors. This period presents a perfect excuse for your workplace to completely do away with usage of papers for any visitor related registrations.

Immediately adopt a digital visitor management system

This is the time to adopt Carrotsuite Space – the premiere visitor management software to help completely digitize your reception and replace the manual paper based visitor management system in use before now.

With Carrotsuite Space, visitors coming in will register their information on a tablet positioned at the lobby of your company in under 2 minutes, and it’s even shorter time for repeat visitors or for your customers. After registration, they can be prompted to wipe the surface of the tablet with a cloth placed nearby.

This on its own minimizes the possibility of depositing germs for others to pick up compared to a paper system.

Pre-register all visitors

When workplace safety and security becomes a priority, all your guests have to be screened and pre-registered before they are welcome at your premises. This is because with pre-registered guests, you can plan and strategize more easily on complying with social distancing policies that keep workplaces safe this season.

Carrotsuite Space visitor management software will enable you to send unique registration links to expected visitors so they can pre-register and specify what day and time they will be coming to your office.
Your staff or hosts can also pre register their expected visitors from their administration portal.

When all visitors have to just show up at the lobby and check-in, you cannot estimate who or how many visitors will show up at a particular time.
Pre-registering will help you to anticipate and make safety preparations for whoever and based on the number of persons who will be at your premises for that day.

Only allow expected guests to check in to your premises

At this time, been strict with workplace safety could also mean restricting all visits to only visitors with prior appointments.
This means anybody who doesn’t have a prior agreed appointment won’t be allowed to check in to see any staff or hosts.
Extreme situations deserve extreme measures – You can enable “Appointment Only” mode on Carrotsuite Space so that only guests who have appointments can check in otherwise they will be told to go back.

Key staffs who take their security very seriously can selectively enable it for theirselves so that even if others don’t want it, it can work for them.

Share health and safety info after visitor check-in

Ensuring Workplace safety with a visitor management software
You can customize Carrotsuite Space to show workplace safety awareness as the last step in the guest check-in process.

On Carrotsuite Space, after successful check-in, you can opt to display custom health or safety information to visitors to remind them or make them aware of your commitment to your workplace safety.

You can even customize your welcome message to carry information on health and safety awareness.

This is particularly important because it plants a safety consciousness into the minds of every visitor to your premises.

Respond instantaneously to emergency issues

In every workplace, the facility manager or admin should be able to immediately communicate information across to all visitors on the premises at the same time.
This is one big reason why you need to digitize your visitor management system immediately.
You should be able to communicate your emergency evacuation protocols via SMS to all visitors should any occasion warrant it.

In the case of COVID 19, this can also help the admin backtrace or contact trace any exposure to an infected visitor, personnel, or facility and immediately notify them to isolate themselves.

Carrotsuite Space can help you send out messages to any selection of visitors; who have visited a particular staff for the past 14 days or so, who have visited a particular office or location, etc.

Let employees know as soon as their guests arrive

For maximum safety in the workplace this COVID 19 season, you should not allow guests to wait unnecessarily at the reception while waiting to get a response from their hosts.

The workplace admin should encourage their employees to speedily attend to their visitors to keep them from populating the lobby.

Hosts should be immediately notified the instant their guests arrive so that they can likewise reply to the guests on the next action to take for their meeting.
This approach will minimize the spread of any virus as a speedy response from the hosts will cause their visitor to have minimal contact with other visitors, personnel, and facilities.

Using Carrotsuite Space visitor management software will greatly help with this as hosts are instantly notified the second their guests have signed in. They are able to reply their visitors immediately and easily with a click on their phone.

Make the check-in touchless

As much as possible, you should make it possible for guests to check-in without touching any thing; either the tablet hosting your visitor management system or even paper and pen if that’s what you use for the moment.

The sole purpose of this is to minimize the spread of any viruses or diseases.

You are able to power a touchless check-in on Carrotsuite Space by:
– Encouraging employees to check-in their visitors from their own systems when they arrive. OR
– Asking your receptionist to check-in visitors from her section of the Space portal.
– Automatically & instantly printing visitor badges the moment the visitor arrives instead of handing out re-used badges.

Let all visitors wear the company visitors’ badge

In this season, it will pay you greatly to be security and safety conscious.
This includes being very certain that every visitor in your building properly checked in before he or she was allowed in.
The easiest no-questions-asked way to do this is by mandating every guest to wear their visitor badge very clearly.

This will promote security consciousness in your company because no employee will like their guests to be harassed because they were not properly educated about company visitor policy.

Carrotsuite Space makes it possible to quickly, easily and instantly print visitor badges customized with your company information as soon as your guest has checked in.

Conclusion on Workplace safety during COVID 19

This COVID 19 pandemic actually means that business will not be done in the same way again.

Workplace safety and security measures should not also be approached in any lax way again. Instead, they have to be tightened to adjust to the COVID reality and keep all employees and visitors safe.
The people; employees and visitors alike are the powerhouse of any thriving organization and as such, any extra measure to keep them safe, secure, protected from the ravaging pandemic is worth it.

These ways presented above also present a very logical and reasonable argument for why you really need to switch to a digitized visitor management system such as Carrotsuite Space for your company immediately. Find out more about Carrotsuite Space

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